Garage Door Opener Replacement

Ready to Upgrade Your Opener?

Garage door openers are built to last – but even the strongest components will need to be replaced eventually.

We’ll help you choose the best new opener for your garage door, whether your current one isn’t working or you’re simply looking to upgrade and get smarter features.

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Some of the Best Reasons to Get a New Opener

A garage door opener replacement can significantly increase the functionality, convenience, and security of your garage. These are a few common reasons we’ve heard customers request a replacement:

  • You’ve recently moved into your home and want to upgrade the opener
  • Your current horsepower or drive type isn’t a good fit
  • You want a quieter opener
  • You want features you don’t currently have, like wifi and battery backup


A Replacement May Be Necessary If…

Your opener was made before 1993 – It’s unlikely to pass an inspection, so it’s recommended to replace it.

Your opener doesn’t have the required safety eyes – It’s not up to code, and we’ll recommend replacing it.

Your opener manufacturer was successfully sued for a safety defect – We wont repair their models.

Your opener’s brand no longer exists– You’ll likely need to replace it as parts won’t be available.

Your current opener doesn’t fit your lifestyle – We’ll recommend upgrading to one with the features you want.

When you call Precision for an appointment, your professional technician performs a 25-point safety inspection on your door before beginning any work. That lets us find the source of your garage door issues and provide repair recommendations based on safety, effectiveness, and value to you as a homeowner.

Upgrade to Something Quieter

New openers can also help garage doors work more smoothly and quietly – especially if you switch from a noisier opener type like chain drive to a nearly-silent belt drive opener.

At Precision, we install PDS 370 belt drive openers with the quietest motor on the market, plenty of smart convenience features, an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty, and more.

PDS 370 Belt Drive opener

Charlotte’s Trusted Garage Door Pros

Precision technicians use only the highest-quality parts to repair your garage door. This increases the durability and life span of your entire door, which saves you time and money on costly repairs in the long run.

Why Do Garage Door Openers Fail?

Garage door openers can break for a variety of reasons, including a lack of maintenance, excess stress from faulty or won’t components, or an improperly balanced door.

If you suspect that something is “off” about the way your garage door opener is operating, it’s best to call the pros for help. Our techs are trained to work with all brands and models of garage door openers, and our trucks come fully stocked with ultra-quiet PDS 370 openers to get your door working like new in no time!

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