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As the largest moving component of your home, it’s important that your garage door be supported by strong, dependable parts. At Precision Garage Door, we carry top-quality rollers, springs, hinges, hardware, and other parts that can help protect your family’s safety and keep your garage door functioning at its best for years to come.

Springs, Rollers, Hinges, and More

In order to operate smoothly, quietly, and securely, garage doors rely on a number of key parts. If any of these elements becomes worn or damaged, your door may be louder, slower, or stop working altogether. Precision Garage Door carries a complete line of quality hardware, hinges, rollers, springs, and other parts for all types of doors.

  • Springs
springs Torsion springs are responsible for the majority of the lift needed to raise your garage door. Our heavy-duty springs do not require lubrication, will not rust, and are strong enough to last over 4 times as long as normal springs.
  • Rollers
rollers Rollers help guide your garage door and support it as it moves up and down. Our durable rollers, which are independently tested to withstand 80,000 cycles, ensure that your garage door operates both quietly and reliably.
  • Drums
    Drums work with torsion springs to keep your door balanced as it opens and closes. Our heavy-duty, high-capacity aluminum drums are strong enough to lift virtually any residential garage door.
  • Cables 
Cables attach to the spring system and help lift the door. Designed to cableswithstand continued use in even extreme temperatures, our strong, multi-strand cables prevent fraying and wear to help your door operate safely
    and reliably.
  • Bearing Plates 
plateBearing plates provide support for the torsion system. Precision Door Service carries strong, high-quality end bearing and center bearing brackets that minimize stress on the door’s motor while helping it operate smoothly and quietly.
  • Other Parts
    With an extensive selection of hardware, parts, and accessories, Precision Garage Door can solve virtually any type of garage door problem quickly and correctly.


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Protect the safety of your family and ensure that your garage door continues to function at its best for years to come with top-quality parts from Precision Garage Door. From springs and rollers to hinges and hardware, we offer a complete selection of reliable parts. For more information, contact Precision Garage Door today.

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