How To Choose The Right Garage Door For You.

Choosing the right garage door can be a bit daunting- that is why here at Precision Garage Door of Charlotte, we have fully trained professionals ready to help from design to installation.

Very often the most prominent element of your home’s facade, a quality garage door does not only add convenience and style, but it also increases value with that all-important curb appeal.

Understanding a few key aspects will give you a good head start to ensuring you select just the right door for your home.

Garage Door Materials


    Generally the most popular choice due to its durability, flexibility, and affordability. Steel doors can be done in many different styles and with various levels of insulation.

    • Pros: Because they require little to no maintenance, steel doors are a consistently popular choice among today’s busy homeowners. Steel garage doors can be customized with different panel styles, window designs, paint colors, and more to enhance your home’s appearance. Steel garage doors are also one of our most economical garage door options.
    • Cons: Steel garage doors can vary significantly in terms of price and quality. A lower-priced model may be made of lower quality steel or have less insulation, and both of these issues can make the door less energy-efficient. For this reason, it is important that consumers consider both price and quality to get the best overall value when choosing a new garage door model.


    Painted, anodized, or wood grain finishes make aluminum an incredibly versatile material for your garage door. Weather resistant and durable enough to last the life of your home.


    The unmatched warmth and beauty that comes with authentic wood doors will give your home character and style. Many quality hardwoods to choose from in paints and stains to perfectly fit your home.

    • Pros: Wood garage doors offer the flexibility of an abundance of design options. They can be stained or painted to achieve a look that complements your home’s exterior and can be crafted from mahogany, hemlock, and other wood types based on your preferences. In addition, if you are adding a garage door to a historical home, a wood garage door is often the most architecturally accurate option.
    • Cons: The main drawback to wood doors is the upkeep that comes with them. To maintain their beauty, wood doors require yearly maintenance, including sanding and painting. Without routine maintenance, wood doors can absorb moisture and potentially rot. Another disadvantage is that wood garage doors are typically more expensive than other garage door materials


      An excellent choice when weather is an issue. Vinyl doors do a great job sealing out the elements and will never dent, rot, or warp. Available in many styles.

      Garage Door Styles


      Traditional garage doors easily suit most homes. It’s the most affordable style, available in raised or recessed panels with various color and accessory options. See some examples of traditional garage doors here.

      Carriage House

      Carriage house garage doors mimic the look of a historical, swinging carriage house door, but with the modern functionality of an overhead door. They’re gorgeously customizable to suit your home’s architecture.


      Contemporary garage doors typically come in aluminum, glass, or flushed panel options. This style of door is sleek, clean and minimal. Modern homes are perfectly complemented with simple panels and many options for color, finish, and window types.

      Panel Design

      Garage door panel choice is largely based on personal taste. Here are some examples of the most common types of garage door panels:

      For many garage doors, you’ll also have the option to paint match your door to a specific color found in your home’s exterior.

      Insulation and Performance

      Every homeowner has different needs when it comes to garage door insulation and performance. At Precision Garage Door of Charlotte, we offer doors with single, double, or even triple layer construction, capable of creating just the right garage atmosphere for you.

      Our doors can also be equipped with wind load reinforcement, allowing you to choose the door you love without having to compromise style for security.

      If you have any questions about your insulation needs or wind load requirements, please give our trained professionals a call!

      Choosing your garage door should be fun! Whether you’ve got your door picked out and ready to buy or if you’re completely in the dark, at Precision Garage Door of Charlotte, we are here to make sure your purchase goes smoothly and simply!

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