Keeping Your Garage Cool in Summer

Whether you are looking for ways to keep your garage cool this summer because it’s uncomfortably hot as you come and go throughout your day or because you use the space every day as an office, gym, bedroom, or game room, we have you covered with some tips and tricks for cooling your garage and keeping out the summer heat.

  • One of the easiest ways to keep the air flowing in your garage is to keep it open. But we get it, keeping the garage door open all the time lets in bugs or doesn’t allow for any privacy. We have a solution for that! You can buy screens and screen doors that fit your garage so you get the benefit of the cool breeze and fresh air while keeping out bugs and keeping some kind of barrier between you and people walking or driving by. A great investment if you need to use the garage all summer long!
  • If you keep a car parked inside the garage, let the car sit outside for a few minutes and cool off before you park it inside. A lot of heat comes off your car after it’s been driving so let the heat escape outside, not inside where you are trying to keep it cool.
  • An insulated garage door and proper sealing in your garage is an excellent way to keep the heat out this summer. Most people think of cold weather when insulation is mentioned but insulation works both ways. It’s a great way to keep the cold out in the winter but it also keeps the heat out in summer. If you are blasting the AC in your house, you could be wasting energy and money if it is able to leak out through your garage. Your garage and your home will be much cooler, much faster, if you invest in the proper insulation for your garage and garage door.
  • A follow up to the last tip, if you do insulate your garage well, you can buy yourself a small portable air conditioner that will keep the space cool without having to spend thousands to install an AC system to the entire house. Just try to limit how often you open and close the garage to not let out that precious cool air.
  • If you live somewhere that gets really hot summers and if your garage faces the sun most of the day, it might be worth painting your garage a lighter color if it isn’t already. Darker paint on your garage will absorb much more heat during those hot summer days and make it much harder for you to keep your garage cool on the other side of that, especially if it isn’t insulated super well. A lighter paint color won’t take you much time as a DIY project and can make a different in keeping your garage cool.

We hope these tips help keep you and your family cool during the upcoming summer months. Precision Garage Door of Charlotte, NC is your local expert service for all your garage door and opener repair, maintenance, and installation needs. Call today to schedule an appointment. Same day service, weekend and evening appointments available for no extra charge!

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