How to Maintain Your Wood Garage Door

Wood garage doors are very popular among Precision Door customers and for good reason! They are strong, durable, and have a natural beauty that immediately makes your home look more attractive. The only downside? Because it is a natural material, you need to care for it, to preserve the wood and extend your garage door’s life. It won’t take up a lot of your time and the payoff will be worth the effort! So here are some maintenance tips to care for your wood garage door.

  1. We all know what happens to wood during colder, wetter seasons: rot. Rot will destroy your garage door, in the spots that tend to get wet and stay moist for long periods of time. Check the bottom of your door, all along the sides by pushing at these areas with something hard, like a screwdriver. The screwdriver shouldn’t be able to push into the surface of your door and if it does, call a professional immediately. To prevent moisture from destroying your door all year long, make sure to have the door refinished and water sealed every few years because it will wear off over time.
  2. While you’re inspecting your door, which you should do frequently to be able to prevent small problems from turning into major accidents and costly issues, keep an eye out for pests. Termites love rotting wood so if you see bugs making their home in your garage door, then it’s time to call someone and prevent further damage.
  3. Your wood garage door should be properly cleaned, at least once a year, more often if you can. This is in order to rid the door of all the dust, pollen, dirt, and more that has blown into the door and sticks to every pore. It’s especially important to clean your door well if you plan to refinish it to that the finish actually sticks. To clean your door, mix soap or detergent with warm water and thoroughly clean the entire door, followed by a rinse. We recommend that you clean on warm, sunny days because you need the door to be completely dry before adding a finish or treatment. You will also need plenty of time for the finish to dry so make sure you don’t plan this project before a rainy day.
  4. Keep an eye on the hardware of your door, all the moving parts. Your door should open smoothly and quietly. Consistently check the rollers for wear, make sure screws are tightened, and keep the tracks, rollers, and hinges well lubricated to prevent rust. If you hear scraping or other noises that sound like something isn’t moving correctly, you should call a professional because the parts that open and close your garage can be very dangerous if tampered with. Do not attempt to fix it on your own.
  5. Make sure that your garage door is properly sealed, to protect from water damage and temperature fluctuations. If you can see light shining through parts of the door when it is closed, your seals are either old and worn out or not the correct size. You can replace these seals at a hardware store and don’t forget to place one along the bottom of your garage door.

The best tip we can give you is to schedule regular maintenance checks from a professional, who knows what to look out for. Let the experts at Precision Door of Charlotte, NC, keep your garage door running quietly, smoothly, and safely for years to come! Call today!

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