Garage Opener Repair and Installation, Done Right.

Many times it is much easier and cheaper to quickly repair your garage door opener rather than replace the entire unit.

At Precision Garage Door of Charlotte, we service just about all major brands of garage door openers, including Linear, Genie, Liftmaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain as well as all drive types.

  • Belt Drive Openers Uses fiberglass, polyurethane, or steel-reinforced rubber belt to guide the trolley, opening or closing the door. They are very reliable and incredibly quiet. An ideal choice for attached garages where noise is an issue.
  • Chain Drive Openers The most common garage door opener and operate similar to belt drives but with a chain pushing or pulling the trolley. The metal to metal function can cause these drives to be a bit noisier than their belt driven cousins, but they do tend to be more affordable.
  • Screw Drive Openers Said to be the most maintenance free opener as they have less moving pieces. The motor rotates a threaded steel rod which moves the trolley allowing for quick and reliable function. In the past, these openers were considered the loudest choice, but recent innovations have improved this.
  • Jackshaft Openers An ideal choice when overhead clearance or high ceilings are an issue, mounted on the wall next to your door as opposed to above it. They run quiet and are very durable but do tend to be more expensive than other types of drives.
  • Direct Drive Openers Moves the door up and down using only the motor. The motor itself moves along a stationary chain opening and closing the door. With only one moving part these openers are the quietest choice and very dependable.

There are however a few circumstances that we will either highly recommend replacement or where we cannot repair the opener due to safety standards. These include:

  • Openers made before 1993
  • Openers that do not have photoelectric eyes
  • Openers that have been recalled
  • Openers that have been discontinued where parts are not available

New Garage Door Openers

When you need a new garage door opener, Precision Garage Door of Charlotte carries our own supremely reliable and feature-rich PDS-370 opener system and offers a FREE new door consultation and estimates at your home.

This energy efficient, DC powered opener guarantees ultra smooth and quiet operation with soft-start and soft-stop for the ultimate in performance. With one of the quietest motor on the market and an amazing lifetime warranty, this opener will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Remotes & Accessories

At Precision Garage Door of Charlotte, we offer comprehensive service for all of your garage door remotes and accessories. We can also help to find a product that right for your needs when the time comes to replace.

Newer models offer many innovative and ultra-secure features including rolling codes and home automation, making upgrading outdated remotes an excellent decision.

Don’t live with a poorly functioning garage door. We offer same day service for most opener problems and nearly all of our jobs are completed in one visit!

With a majority of people using their garage door as the home’s main entrance, we understand the frustration that comes with a faulty opener. Give us a call now and will have you back up and running in no time! And of course, for your convenience, we always offer evening and Saturday appointments.

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