Vinyl garage doors

Benefits of Low-Maintenance Vinyl Garage Doors


A vinyl garage door is a good option for a homeowner searching for a durable, low maintenance garage door. Unlike a steel garage door, a vinyl garage door will not rust, dent, crack, or corrode. And, since they are not painted, a vinyl garage door will not peel or need to be repainted or stained like a wood garage door.

Less Maintenance
Older vinyl garage door designs often fade or yellow, but modern UV-resistant technology now prevents color changes. In addition, these low maintenance garage doors have through-and-through color, so scratches and scuffs from typical driveway activities like bike riding and ball games do not show. Vinyl garage doors are also more impact-resistant than their steel or wooden counterparts. Many vinyl garage doors also feature a lifetime warranty and some include internal thermal insulation for added energy efficiency.

Design Options
Vinyl garage doors are crafted to resemble freshly painted wood and come in a range of popular styles, including traditional panel and carriage house. These doors are also available in a variety of color choices. Window options include inserts and frosted or etched glass for added customization.

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For a low maintenance garage door that’s virtually carefree and has superior durability, a vinyl garage door from Precision Door Service can offer years of enduring beauty – a perfect combination of form and function. For more information, contact us today.

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