Parts Comparison


At Precision Garage Door of Charlotte, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with the very best our industry has to offer. When it comes to our parts, we have done our research to figure out exactly what our customers need.

We know this can be confusing if you don’t work with garage doors every day, so we’ve put together this comparison to clearly explain the biggest differences that matter to you.




Sectional garage doors are hinged, and bend as the door opens or closes. Sectional garage doors typically use extension springs to balance the door. 

We Use

We use a high cyle extension spring with a double hoop end to ensure top-notch strength and reliability.

They Use

Other companies will use a contractor grade spring that uses a loop end, which will weaken, break or fail more quickly over time.


Torsion Springs are used to balance the weight of a garage door. With the help of torsion springs that are working properly, you will be able to life the garage door manually or with a garage door opener with ease.

We Use

We use an e-coated torsion spring that protects from rust and damage which can last up to 5 times longer than other springs.

They Use

Others will use a standard, non-coated torsion spring that will eventually rust and wear out over time.


Cables are used to hold spring tensions that balance the weight of a garage door, which in turn makes it possible to lift the garage door manually or with a garage door opener with ease.

We Use

Precision uses more flexible and quieter stainless steel aircraft grade cables with 19 wires per strand, which last longer than standard cables.

They Use

Other companies use standard cables that only utilize 7 wires per strand, and are less flexible and more noisy.


Cable drums are used to help a garage door stay balanced as it opens or closes.

We Use

Our drums are the strongest and safest on the market, with reinforcements and other features the help to prevent loose cables and doors from crashing down.

They Use

Other companies use drums that are made out of a lower grade steel, so they tend to not last as long or be able to withstand as much weight as ours.


Rollers help your garage door move up or down on its track. The more bearings a roller has, the quieter and longer lasting it will be.

We Use

Precision uses dust-capped rollers that have a sealed 13-ball bearing, making them much quieter. They last far longer than other rollers and never need to be lubed.

They Use

Other companies will use noisy rollers without a bearing, causing them to shake and wear down more quickly or even break prematurely.


Pulleys are used with cables in the pulley system which opens and closes a garage door.

We Use

Precision uses a cast iron pulley for strength and durability. The no-seam design ensures cables roll through pulleys smoothly.

They Use

Other companies use a light-duty sheave pulley. These will eventually separate and cause the door to strain severely.


Bearings are placed in the middle of a shaft, and are used to position the bearing into a bracket or a cone.

We Use

Precision uses a center bearing that utilizes bearings to help assist the entire torsion system to operate smoothly.

They Use

Other companies will use a center bearing that is made of plastic, with a plastic bushing, and only provides center support.


Sectional garage doors are hinged, and hinges allow the door to bend as the door opens or closes.

We Use

Our hinges use a thicker steel, which means no cracking or breaking.

They Use

Other companies use lightweight steel causing them to be flimsy and break or snap more easily.


Center bearings are attached using center bearing support brackets.

We Use

Precision uses a center bearing bracket that is made out of thicker steel and comes assembled with a high-quality bearing.

They Use

Other center bearing brackets are made out of lower grade steel, causing them to flex and bend during use.


There are two types of end bearing brackets – supported, which secures both to the track and the garage header, and unsupported, which only secures to the track.

We Use

Our end bearing plates bolt directly to the track and wall, giving them four connection points in order to prevent binding of the torsion system.

They Use

Others use end bearing brackets made of un-reinforced steel, and only have two points in which they are secured.

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