Garage Door Weatherstripping

Garage Door Weatherstripping

Garage doors usually include weatherstripping, or a bottom seal that helps prevent things like mice, debris, dust, and moisture from making their way into your home. They also help regulate the temperature inside your garage and can potentially lower your energy bill.

Garage door weatherstripping usually wears down due to repeated use over time, and worn seals can leave your home more vulnerable to temperature changes.

At Precision, we install high-quality weather sealing to protect your home and garage from the elements.

Do all garage doors need weatherstripping?

Even if you don’t live in a region that experiences hurricanes, snow, ice, or other severe weather, it’s still important to make sure your garage door is properly sealed.

  • Your garage is better insulated with weatherstripping – When the weather fluctuates between hot and cold, garage door seals help keep the outside temperatures from creeping inside your garage and home. It can also help you save money on your energy bill by regulating the temperature inside your garage.
  • Your door operates more smoothly with seals – Weather seals protect your garage door by acting as a “cushion” that sits against the surface of your door as it closes. Weather seals can lengthen the life of your door and the components surrounding it (and lead to fewer garage door repairs down the line).
  • Weatherstripping keeps wildlife out – The edges of garage doors frequently have tiny cracks or gaps that serve as the ideal entry point for pests and insects. Weatherstripping fills in the spaces and keeps trespassers out of your garage.
  • Seals prevent moisture from getting inside – Too much moisture in the garage can lead to mold growth as well as water damage and slippery surfaces. Weatherstripping helps keep your garage dry.


It’s Time to Replace Your Seals If…

  • You notice cracks, holes, or any other obvious signs of wear and tear
  • You can feel drafts coming through around the edges of your door
  • You find puddles of water near your door’s bottom edge, or some of your items feel damp
  • Some of your door’s metal components have started rusting

It’s best to examine your weatherstripping at least once or twice per year. Make sure your garage door is closed as you inspect it and focus on the edges. If you notice that the seal looks cracked or worn, call Precision to install durable weatherstripping and protect your home.

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