How to Build a Gym In Your Garage

Summer isn’t far away, which means the kids will be out of school and you might have less free time to get yourself to the gym. But if you have the space to spare and don’t need to keep your car parked in the garage all summer long, you could consider converting your garage into your very own home gym, for the whole family to use! It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to build and it saves you money on a gym membership and time on driving back and forth. So here are some tips to help you get started!

  1. We’d recommend you start by thoroughly cleaning the garage. You don’t want to be breathing in lots of dust and dirt while you exercise so give it a good sweep and even consider washing the floors. And try to clear as much space as you can by creating a storage system!
  2. You can buy very affordable gym mats to cover the floors, which will provide a bit more cushion to your body as you move and jump around in the space and absorb sound so that you don’t disturb people in the house when you are jumping or putting weights down. These thin floors covers are durable and will help protect the actual floor of the garage from any damage from weights.
  3. Think about the kind of exercise you prefer. Do you want a treadmill in your home gym? Do you rely mostly on weights? Do you need to set up a squat rack and heavy lifting area? Plan your space accordingly, based on the equipment you absolutely need for your perfect private gym, whether it’s barbells, a squat rack, weight plates, and so on. Keep the walls clear to set up weights, put up hooks for hanging bands and jump ropes, or make sure there is plenty of space for a treadmill or bike. You can never go wrong with making a plan.
  4. Your home gym doesn’t have to blow your budget. You can buy used weights and machines online for much cheaper than brand new equipment. Ask around and check out online used good services like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace before you spend your money on brand new gear.
  5. Make sure you have a way to keep cool in the garage. Keeping the garage door open while you work out is a great way to keep air moving but it also takes away the benefit of the privacy of your home gym. It will get warm very quickly in the small space in the summer so we recommend purchasing some fans to run while you workout so you don’t overheat. Fans are also a great way to air out the space when you are done with your workout.

With just a bit of research, time, and effort, you can build the perfect home gym that your whole family will be inspired to use. And as always, remember, safety first!

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